I built this tool after getting annoyed constantly at the horrible user experience of google reminders. For something that exists across so many google products, it's inconsistent and hard to use.

Todoist, on the other hand, is an awesome service. One of the things that I've missed was being able to yell tasks at my google home/phone/whatever, so I built this to sync them across automatically 🎉

We're open source & don't save/share your data

Check out the source code on Github. Feel free to report issues there, or help out and fix some bugs or add a new feature. We don't save or log any data that's not needed to sync the reminders.

Who Built This?

👋 I'm atymic, a seasoned web developer & open source contributor. You can check out my contributions on GitHub. Want to get in touch, or have a question about the service? Send me an email here.